On the last Sunday late afternoon, if you were in Thong Sala, you would see big parades with traditional Thai music and people dancing on the street from Wat Ratcharoen to Thong Sala Pier.

Many Thais and Burmese gather around to see these parades with a blessing. This is a Buddhist festival called Chak Phra, which is celebrated annually in Southern Thailand. The named could be translated as Pulling the Buddha. Chak Phra has been inherited since the Srivijaya era. It is assumed that this tradition first occurred in India. Celebrates the return of Buddha from heaven to earth and to be greeted by multitudes. The celebration takes place every year immediately after the end of the 3-month monks’ rain retreat (Khao Paansah). The main parades principal is a Buddha image on a boat decorated with huge nagas, flowers, and colorful flags and parasols. Koh Phangan is more special as they celebrated on the beach while mostly the celebration takes place near the river. The celebration also heals with some games for locals from each village such as sea boxing or boat racing. At night we could enjoy the night market and on stage at the concert. The market and concert continue to go on until 28 October.

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